Merle Goll


Merle Goll is German illustrator and mother, based in London UK. She raises environmental awareness through her illustration, in particular of the situation of the the Ocean.  She illustrates and represents endangered animal species and the impact of the plastic on the underwater world. She is part of the collective Unterseecafe and of the movement #savetember, on which she invites other illustrators to draw something on a theme she suggests.

Merle 2
Merle 1

 'Rubbish!!! - No.1’ - ink on paper 

Illustrated for an illustration exhibitions at the Dr Carl Häberlin Friesen Museum in Wyk on the North Sea island of Föhr called ’Seagulls. Waste, hinting at overfishing, these illustrations represent the impact we are having on our oceans.

 "I was merely wondering, what the maritime population will be consuming for lunch … Rubbish!!!  My message is simple if we do not change our ways, our oceans will ‘be home’ to more plastic than fish."     - Merle Goll