“We left our sparkles of light lit… for others to turn off for us…“

Luzinterruptus is an anonymous group of artists coming of different disciplines. Using light as firsthand material, they draw people’s attention on urban problematics that remain unnoticed by citizens and authorities. Their creations consist of urban interventions in public spaces such as the streets of Madrid, where the project was born in 2008.

« We use light as a raw material and the dark as our canvas ».

Luzinterruptus 1
Luzinterruptus 2

Death by plastic (Madrid, 2019)

This action was carried out at the close of the COP25 World Climate Summit, which was hosted in Madrid, to represent the anger and disappointment of the Citizens regarding the resolutions.

“The people from the Climate Summit are already leaving with bowed heads (by taxi or by plane) without having reached any significant agreements, as we all expected. Everything was just a mirage. Few effective resolutions, and big business opportunities for those who parade the flag of sustainability around." - Collective

In addition to light, garbage, recycling, simple materials extracted from the environment itself are a also used as artistic material. The ephemeral interventions leave room for other artists and users to enjoy the common space. And by using light, they avoid the deterioration of the public space.