John Sabraw

"Turn the iron oxide into pigment"

Following the idea of Guy Riefler, a professor of civil engineering at Ohio University, they developed method to transform the toxins into safe, colorful, sustainable paint pigments. 

How do we turn the iron oxide into pigment while simultaneously cleaning up the polluted streams? First we intercept the toxic acid mine drainage before it gets to the stream, then we neutralize the acidity, extract the iron oxide, and finally release the clean, safe water back into the stream. The extracted iron oxide can now be ground into pigment and blended with different binders to make almost any kind of paint. In creating a viable product from contamination, our process provides a closed loop. We hope to make it possible to restore the streams with funds generated from their own clean-up and even provide local jobs

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Chroma S4 Dragon, painting by John Sabraw. 48x48 inches

©2018 Art Boy Inc., All rights Reserved. Photo by John Sabraw.

 John Sabraw focuses on natural phenomena, the earth’s ecosystem as a whole, and our role within that. In this simultaneously romantic yet clinical experimental examination of science, environment, and the painting process, I use chemical interactions and probability to reveal a surprising aesthetic. Painstaking painting methods are coaxed into interacting and amalgamating over durations of up to several months.

"The result are complex, luminous, mysterious paintings that strike a balance between controlled and organic processes."